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Chapter 997 Is This What Grandfather Wants?

  • “Alright, I noticed that you looked lost, so I want to help you, brother!” George threw out his inner thoughts, “I’m very good at pursuing girls. Since we’re brothers now, do you want me to teach you a few moves?” George leaned over shamelessly once more and placed his arm over the other’s shoulder as if they both shared a good relationship.
  • Xiao Su was not used to men putting their arm over his shoulders. However, George was so enthusiastic that he could only stand up and push him away. “No need.”
  • “Why not? Could it be that you’ve already successfully pursued her? Seriously, brother, although I seem carefree, I’m super steady. The methods I’ll teach you… will surely be effective.”
  • Xiao Su stepped forward and walked toward the balcony. Seeing this, George immediately followed after.
  • When it was time to have lunch, Xiao Su was already so entangled with George that he almost could not speak and he looked as if life was meaningless. When Ye Moxuan came back from work, the number of people who would be eating lunch suddenly turned into five.
  • He paused when he saw George. Then, he took off his jacket and gave George a mild look. “Why are you here?’
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