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Chapter 761 Spit Coffee

  • Han Muzi’s hand could even feel the chill of the man’s voice coming from the phone, but the familiarity of it still sent shivers down her body. Just as and when she struggled on methods to get closer to Ye Moxuan in an attempt to trigger the return of his memory sooner, he came to her instead.
  • A sly smile swept underneath the eyes of Han Muzi as she replied to him, “I got it. I will send it over right now.”
  • The man didn’t suspect anything so he ended the call.
  • Despite feeling tired and sore on her legs, Han Muzi suddenly became lively as she happily sat back at the sofa to put on her shoes. Without another thought, she went over to the pantry room. As she made the coffee, her mood became even better and her steps were swift.
  • She understood Ye Moxuan’s temperament clearly because she had been his assistant five years ago. Back then, she was always the one who prepared his coffee. Even though he tried to embarrass her before, he gradually stopped making her life difficult with these trivial matters. That was why she knew his taste very well. Soon after, she was done with the coffee, and she walked out of the secretary room.
  • It was now lunch hour, so this floor was quiet and there weren’t any people around, not even Miss Lin. Han Muzi walked forward in the corridor while holding the coffee. She heard before that the President’s office was located in the innermost part of this floor; hence she only needed to walk ahead. Finally, she reached the door to the President’s office.
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