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Chapter 147 Drive a Wedge Between Them

  • “I don’t recall that an employee is eligible to negotiate terms with the boss,” Ye Moxuan said impatiently.
  • Shen Qi’s hand that was holding her bag tightened, and when she spoke, it sounded as if she was gritting her teeth. “Even if I work overtime, those documents aren’t something that can be finished in a short while, so can I take it back to work on them at night?” She had already made compromises on her side.
  • However, Ye Moxuan had no intentions in negotiating with her. “No.”
  • What could Shen Qi say? After thinking about it, she might just have to push the meeting with Han Xueyou to the next day. At the thought of this, she didn’t say anything and withdrew her stubborn stare from Ye Moxuan. Then, she walked to her desk without another word. So what if she had to work overtime? She didn’t need to beg anyone.
  • By the time Shen Qi returned to her desk and sat down, Xiao Su had already pushed Ye Moxuan away. After he left, Shen Qi took out her mobile phone to send a message to Han Xueyou, saying that she wouldn’t be able to make it later and that she would reschedule their appointment to another day.
  • Two minutes after the message was sent, Han Xueyou called her immediately.
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