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Chapter 32 How Much Is Your Dignity Worth?

  • “Hey, it's more exciting to do it in an open area, but I bet someone like you won’t be able to understand it.” With that, Lu Xunchang’s eyes fell on Ye Moxuan’s lap.
  • Hearing that, Xiao Su raised his eyebrows and was about to lash out furiously when Ye Moxuan replied in a cold voice with his usual calm expression on his face, “I really can’t understand it. Even if I want to have sex, I will only have sex with pure women. I don’t like having sex with non-virgins.”
  • Shen Qi, who was hiding behind the leaves, was speechless.
  • This a**hole, does he know that I’m here? Is this why he’s saying these things deliberately to hurt me?
  • Hearing this, Lu Xunchang was not irritated by Ye Moxuan’s words, and instead he smiled. “Actually, I really want to know whether Young Master Ye even has the ability to do it? How can you talk about non-virgins if you’ve never even done it before?”
  • Xiao Su gritted his teeth. “Are you gay?”
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