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Chapter 677 Avoiding Her

  • That person only paused for a moment before he continued to walk as if he had heard nothing. Han Muzi widened her eyes in disbelief. This person… He obviously heard me calling his name, but he only paused for a while and kept walking after that! Is he pretending not to hear me? Does he want to avoid talking to me so much?
  • Han Muzi’s anger boiled as she bit her lips and tried to catch up to him again, yelling once more, “Ye Moxuan, if you don’t wait for me, I will block you on WeChat!”
  • Just as she had expected, the tall figure in front of her did not just pause for a moment; he came to a complete stop. After she noticed this, she refused to chase after him as she was already out of breath but paused and looked at his back. He will turn around, won’t he?
  • Han Muzi thought, If Ye Moxuan doesn’t turn around and continue walking, I… I will definitely block him on WeChat! She bit her lips and kept her feet to the ground, glaring at his back without moving.
  • After some time, when she saw that the man in front of her did not make any movements, she could not help but yell, “Aren’t you going to come around?”
  • There was a hidden meaning behind her question. On the surface, it looked as if she had asked him whether he wanted to turn around and acknowledge her, but in reality, she meant the events that transpired over the past few days.
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