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Chapter 1610 The Male Dormitory

  • Tang Yuanyuan was waiting in the security room downstairs for quite some time, and her hands were tired from carrying the two gifts. She couldn't carry them any longer, so she finally put the gifts on the chair.
  • I’m so tired. Why isn’t Yishu here yet? Is he having his afternoon nap? If he is, should I just leave first?
  • In fact, Tang Yuanyuan did not plan on seeing Yuchi Yishu this soon, for she wanted to wait until she slimmed down before meeting him. She wanted to give him a surprise.
  • However, she couldn’t help but miss him.
  • On the outside, it seemed like she was here just to deliver Zhang Xiaolu and Yuan Yuehan’s gifts, but she had her own reasons too.
  • As she was thinking about it, Tang Yuanyuan suddenly saw two figures running from a distance. Her face lit up with joy. It was Zhong Chufeng and Yishu.
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