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Chapter 346 I Am Abandoned Again

  • “Didn’t you ask for a divorce?” Shen Qi inhaled deeply, and she finally voiced her mind, “In that case, let’s head to the Civil Affairs Bureau to go through the divorce procedure.”
  • After saying that, Shen Qi did not pay attention to the expression on Ye Moxuan’s face. After saying what she intended to say, she could feel the invisible heavy burden that was suffocating her vanished at that instant.
  • After all, a couple who loses their trust in each other will never be happy if their marriage has nothing but doubts and suspicions. Maybe, deep down inside my heart, I want a divorce. Going our separate ways is the best for both of us to move on.
  • Shen Qi raised her head when she thought of that and bit her lower lip as she continued, “Let’s go to the Civil Affairs Bureau, Ye Moxuan. I will not pester you anymore once we’re done with the divorce.”
  • Shen Qi lifted her head and only then did she realize that Ye Moxuan was right in front of her. Abruptly, he reached out and held her chin firmly.
  • “Go through the divorce procedure?” Ye Moxuan squinted at her menacingly. His face only inches away from her; he could feel her make-up powder on his fingers while pinching her chin.
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