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Chapter 1208 A Beautiful Misunderstanding

  • Just like this, the honeymoon trip—originally meant for Han Muzi and Ye Moxuan—was given to Yan and Han Qing.
  • As a matter of fact, Ye Moxuan had indeed considered this idea before, but his idea was to have a wedding trip during the wedding ceremony. However, Han Muzi had refused to wear the wedding dress while she was pregnant at that time, so the idea to reorganize the wedding was shelved. Now that this idea was brought up again, it was also rejected on the spot by Han Muzi. Her reason was that she felt that her figure was not up to her standards at the moment, so she did not want to wear a wedding dress.
  • On top of that, since she had just delivered, she still had some flabby skin on her belly. She thought to herself, Who would want to put on a wedding dress with that? After all, wedding gowns are meant to be worn once in a lifetime.
  • However, Ye Moxuan’s eyes were unreadable as he peered at her and gripped her wrist, making Han Muzi feel a little guilty. “What is it?”
  • “This isn’t the real reason. You are just afraid to wear a wedding dress, aren’t you?”
  • Han Muzi was speechless as his words made her heart skip a beat. She had not expected him to decipher her thoughts so quickly, but she inhaled deeply to hide her true feelings before uttering in annoyance, “Of course I am afraid. I haven’t regained my figure. What if the guests make fun of me?”
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