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Chapter 103 Can You Please Hug Me?

  • Heat rose and radiated through Shen Qi’s whole body, making her feel as though even her brain was on fire. It was as if her blood was filling up her veins and burning up her ears and face.
  • I cant stay here any longer. I have to leave this place.
  • However, she was in a haze, and so she had no choice but to bite her lower lip hard to regain some consciousness via the pain before quickly scrambling toward the door.
  • However, the drug was too strong, and she must have been drugged with quite a high dose since she was force-fed about half a bowl of it.
  • Will I end up dying here today?
  • Shen Qi was not sure if her lower lip was a bloody mess by now, but she was aware of her mouthful of metallic scent of blood. Nevertheless, the pain she felt was so negligible compared to the heavy fog in her mind; no matter how hard she tried, the fog just wouldn’t lift.
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