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Chapter 48 She Is Just an Outsider

  • With a bloodthirsty smile, Ye Moxuan said, “I meant what I just said.”
  • Xiao Su had a strange look on his face as he said, “Young Master Ye, do you really want me to nip the problem in the bud?”
  • “Do you think I’m kidding?” Ye Moxuan said as he glanced at Xiao Su coldly, and the latter immediately felt a shiver down his spine. “Understood, Young Master Ye.”
  • Then, Xiao Su dragged Lu Xunchang out of the coffee shop.
  • “Ye Moxuan! You cripple in a wheelchair! If you dare hurt my ‘brother’, Old Master Ye will make you pay for it!”
  • Xiao Su only followed Ye Moxuan’s orders and wasn’t even worried when Lu Xunchang warned him about Old Master Ye. He continued to drag Lu Xunchang out of the coffee shop emotionlessly.
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