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Chapter 788 Truly Disappointed in You

  • Ye Moxuan looked up, took one glance at George’s face, and then said half-heartedly, “What does that have to do with me?”
  • The indifference in his tone and the icy look in his eyes almost made George suspect that he was a different man from the one who had rushed over to the bar to save Han Muzi the other day. Is he the same person? How can the difference be so dramatic?
  • George walked up to him and narrowed his eyes, then looked left and right. “Are you Yuchi? Did someone switch bodies with you?”
  • The reflection in Ye Moxuan’s eyes turned threatening.
  • George continued, “Otherwise, how come you’re so different?”
  • “If there’s nothing else, you can get out of here.” Ye Moxuan dismissed him then turned around to walk downstairs.
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