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Chapter 75 Who Is He Looking For?

  • Was that what Shen Qi wanted?
  • She once dreamed of living an ordinary life with her husband; she would give birth to a pair of cute babies, and the four of them would live their lives happily ever after. That was what she wanted.
  • However, reality killed her dreams. Lin Jiang cheated on her, and the woman involved was pregnant with his child.
  • She was then forced to marry Ye Moxuan, and the worst part was that he hated her guts.
  • It was an irrefutable fact that what she ever wanted in her life would never be hers.
  • Shen Qi came to her senses when reality dawned on her. As a result, she stopped struggling, and her gaze turned as calm as a still lake, as though there was not anything that could stir her emotions anymore.
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