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Chapter 1166 Where’s My Integrity?

  • Thinking about this, Yan’s heart was pounding hard and she was so scared that she felt like escaping. Soon, she could not restrain her feelings and covered her heart. “Take it easy; there’s nothing to be afraid of.” She had chosen to sit on the couch after looking around.
  • It was not her first time in the office. Previously, she would deliver food to him every day, but it had been a while since then. It was not long before an hour and a half passed. Yan had almost fainted from waiting. Initially, she wanted to shop for clothes online, but she ended up not getting anything after searching. She was thinking about things unrelated to clothes. In the end, she kept her phone and fell asleep on the couch.
  • Yan immediately opened her eyes when she heard steady and clear footsteps sounding from outside. Her eyes were clear and she was fully awake as she sat up straight. Han Qing saw Yan sitting on the couch when he opened the door. She held her chest high while sitting straight—like an elementary school student who had spotted the principal patrolling the classrooms. He did not even notice the trace of a smile under his dark eyes.
  • Yan looked in the direction where Han Qing was after hearing his voice. She tried her best to ask naturally, “Done with your meeting?”
  • “Yes.”
  • Han Qing nodded lightly as he stepped close to her. “You waited here all this while?”
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