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Chapter 1313 Drinking Session

  • But after the lively dinner, Han Qing was left with endless loneliness. Therefore, he was no longer willing to go home with Lin Xuzheng to celebrate the New Year after that. Upon returning home after the festivities, Han Qing was all alone in that large and cold house. There were servants, but he did not have his family with him. He was afraid that he might not be able to withstand the loneliness after visiting Lin Xuzheng’s family often. Hence, Han Qing chose to endure everything in silence, but he never allowed others to know what he experienced—nor did he reveal what he truly wanted deep down in his heart.
  • Yan didn’t know much about Han Qing’s past, but she noticed a trace of loneliness flashed across his eyes when he said that. However, a mixture of emotions covered the flash of loneliness swiftly. She couldn’t see it anymore and searched for it in panic, but it was long gone.
  • “Why are you staring at me? Eat up.” Han Qing reached over the table to hold her palm before squeezing her gently.
  • Yan blushed immediately when Han Qing did that in front of her parents. Therefore, she stopped staring at him. Instead, she kept her head bowed to eat her food. Mr. and Mrs. Zhou, who were sitting across them, couldn’t help but smile faintly when they saw the interaction between the couple.
  • In the beginning, everyone seemed awkward during dinner, but soon, they started chatting animatedly. Mr. Zhou started chatting about work with Han Qing and it moved on to some topics related to a certain industry. Han Qing maintained a good attitude, and toward the end, Mr. Zhou was in such a good mood that he wanted a drink of liquor. However, after Mr. Zhou’s injuries from his last car accident, he had tried to be in good health. Hence, Luo Huimei glared at him viciously when she heard that he wanted to have some alcohol. “Aren’t you planning to focus on health? Why are you drinking alcohol if you are focusing on health?”
  • Mr. Zhou slapped his thigh immediately as he commented, “Well, isn’t Han Qing here for a visit? I am glad and that is why I’d like to have a drink with him.”
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