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Chapter 1199 Drunk

  • “Yeah?” Jiang Xiaobai looked at Xiao Su. “I don’t know this man. Is there any problem?” she asked nonchalantly.
  • The waiter was quite confused. “You don’t know him? I saw that you guys had a lot of fun talking to each other, and you looked quite close to him.”
  • Jiang Xiaobai was speechless upon hearing that.
  • Had a lot of fun talking to him? Close to him? What the f*ck? We seldom use this phrase even in novels! Meanwhile, Fang Tangtang sensed a hint of gossip here, so she leaned over immediately.
  • Hmm, this man looks decent from his back view. Did you pick him up just now?”
  • Jiang Xiaobai eyed Fang Tangtang speechlessly. “Do you think I look like that type of person?”
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