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Chapter 1483 Why Should I Be Afraid?

  • “Pfft!” Jiang Xiaobai said disdainfully, “Who wants your money? I’m capable of earning money as well. Alright, since you’re so generous, I’ll pay more for our wedding. I won’t take your money and contribute nothing!” She understood that it couldn’t depend solely on the man to pay for the wedding.
  • Xiao Su frowned upon hearing that, but Jiang Xiaobai didn’t care about it and pulled him into the shop. “Why don’t we describe how we want the rings to look like and let the artist sketch them out first? What do you think?”
  • “Okay.”
  • They were done with visualizing their ideal rings three hours later. When they left the shop, Jiang Xiaobai realized that they had delayed the shop’s closing time by more than thirty minutes. It was an established brand after all. Even if the sales assistants had to go home later, their service remained impeccable.
  • Currently, Jiang Xiaobai was so hungry that she held his arm and said coquettishly, “It’s so cold. Let’s have hotpot.”
  • “Alright.” Xiao Su never expected that they would spend so much time at the shop. Men just wanted to buy the things they liked in the shortest time, but it was a different case for women. After shopping around with her, Xiao Su found out that there was a lot to learn in buying stuff.
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