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Chapter 61 A White Lie To Delude Everyone

  • “Do you even have any sense of responsibility as a husband? Shouldn’t you pay more attention to your pregnant wife?” Facing a series of questions from the doctor, Ye Moxuan’s face turned livid and he clenched his fists, which were placed on the handles of the wheelchair, tightly until his knuckles bulged.
  • Xiao Su realized the atmosphere was not right and quickly spoke before Ye Moxuan burst with fury. “I’m sorry, doctor. Our Young Master Ye’s legs make it inconvenient for him to move about Moreover, we didn’t realize that she was not feeling well before this. We immediately sent her here as soon as we noticed that. How’s she now?”
  • After listening to his explanation, the doctor felt at ease a little but he stared at Ye Moxuan with a slight dissatisfaction, “She’s fine now, but she needs to be admitted for two days for us to observe her condition.”
  • “Do you mean that…the child is still safe?” Xiao Su asked cautiously.
  • “What kind of question is this?” The doctor got angry when he heard the question. “Don’t tell me that you don’t want the child to be safe?”
  • “No, no, no. I mean, it’s great news that the child is still safe!” Xiao Su quickly laughed awkwardly and apologized as he fumbled for the right words.
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