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Chapter 577 I Met a Child at the Han Residence Previously

  • The woman’s gaze turned jealous suddenly when she focused on Han Muzi. It must be wonderful to have such a handsome and cool man, who doesn’t have eyes for other women and treasure her like the most precious thing in the world.
  • “I’m sorry.” Mr. Potbelly had a kind and friendly look despite his clumsiness. He immediately turned around to apologize to Han Muzi with a timid smile while scratching his head in embarrassment, since he almost crushed such a petite woman. He tried explaining, “I saw the elevator doors closing just now, and that was why I was in such a rush. I’m so sorry.”
  • Han Muzi returned his smile since he looked sincere and very apologetic. “No worries. You didn’t knock into me after all. However, you should be more careful next time, sir. It’s very dangerous of you to do that when the elevator doors are closing.”
  • “Yes, yes. You are right. I was in such a rush because my wife is waiting for me at home. I’ll be more careful next time.”
  • Han Muzi nodded, but before she could say another word, she felt the arm around her waist tightened significantly. Ye Moxuan was tightening his grip around her waist unhappily while scowling at her. “It has been so many days. Why haven’t you smiled at me at all? Yet, here you are, smiling so brightly at someone else.”
  • Han Muzi was rendered speechless by his reaction. His comment effectively stiffened the smile across Han Muzi’s face. She did not expect Ye Moxuan to blurt that out so openly in front of everyone in the elevator. Initially, she figured even if he had wanted to complain, he would have complained about it after they arrived home.
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