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Chapter 875 Are You Not Tired

  • After what had happened last night, his first reaction when he regained his consciousness was to hug Han Muzi, but he found out that his arms were empty. When he opened his dark eyes, he couldn’t find any traces of her.
  • Ye Moxuan quickly removed the blanket and woke up, realizing that the bed sheet and quilt were wrinkled up. He called out for her another time, but there was no response from her and he stood up to put on some clothes before he searched the room. At the end, the room was quiet and there weren’t any traces of Han Muzi.
  • Ye Moxuan sat by the bed with him being the only one in the room. If not for the wrinkles on the bed sheet, he would have doubted whether what happened last night was true. After a moment of silence, he took out his phone to call Han Muzi. A beep later, two beeps later, three beeps later… At the end, all he heard was the voice of a cold and polite woman apologizing, “I’m sorry. The number you have dialed is unavailable. Please try again later.”
  • Ye Moxuan frowned as his delicate fingers continued to dial the phone, but his calls went unanswered. His eyebrows furrowed even more as the grip on his phone tightened. Don’t tell me, she regretted what happened last night? Is that why she left at the crack of dawn and refused to answer my calls? When that thought popped up in his mind, his eyelids twitched. He immediately rose to his full height to head outside, but stopped in his tracks when he passed by the bathroom.
  • Looking inside, he saw that both of their clothes from last night were already in the washing machine, but it wasn’t switched on yet. Maybe it was because she was afraid of waking him up earlier in the morning. Ye Moxuan’s eyes darkened when he saw this.. If she had really regretted it, she would’ve just packed her things and left without doing all these.
  • He stood still and quietly looked at the washing machine before going back into the room. It was at this time that he noticed Han Muzi’s luggage was still there and only her purse and phone were gone. Maybe she just went out, he thought to himself.
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