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Chapter 1135 Not Giving Out Free Meals

  • Xiao Su left soon after and Luo Huimei approached her daughter, quietly saying, “I feel that Xiao Su is quite a nice person. He is hardworking, capable and also kind to others. He looks like a pretty worthy choice.” Listening to Luo Huimei, Yan shot her mother a gloomy look.
  • Luo Huimei immediately smiled. “I’m just saying. Besides, he’s already left.”
  • Yan thought to herself, She’s right. Xiao Su has already left and whatever she says, he won’t hear about it, so what’s the point? Elders always act like this. I’ll let her say what she wants. I won’t lose much anyway.
  • For the next few days, Yan was unable to lift her spirits up. When Little Bean visited the shop, she forced a smile on her face as she talked to him, but quickly became discouraged again soon after.
  • “Aunt Yan, the shop isn’t busy today. Can you come out and play with me?” Little Bean pulled her hand coquettishly, shaking it gently.
  • Yan stopped for a while before looking at him. “Where do you want to play?”
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