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Chapter 503 A Stolen Kiss!

  • “Mommy! I missed you so much!” Little Bean clung onto Han Muzi while nuzzling his face against her arm intimately.
  • Han Muzi’s heart melted in a mush after having her child rub against her arm.
  • “Didn’t I ask you both to come over tomorrow? Why did you come over so late at night?” Han Muzi crouched down and pinched Little Bean’s chubby cheeks. It felt so good that she continued rubbing and caressing his cheeks.
  • Little Bean’s delicate facial features were squished under Han Muzi’s ravages, but he wasn’t angry at all. On the contrary, his eyes gleamed with delight. He held onto Han Muzi's wrist tightly while exclaiming, “Mommy, kisses!”
  • Han Muzi lowered her head and kissed Little Bean’s cheek. Little Bean finally got his wish, and he wrapped his tiny arms around her neck in delight.
  • “Can I live with you forever from now on, mommy?”
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