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Chapter 3 Who Says That I Can’t Do It?

  • In a panic, Shen Qi grabbed the quilt to cover her body before wrapping herself up as if someone was bullying her.
  • Although Ye Moxuan only had a glimpse of her alluring beauty, his eyes darkened slightly, and his cold voice sounded hoarse as he started to be filled with lust. Then, he chuckled. “You suck at acting innocent.” With an icy look in his eyes, he continued, “If you can't please me, then get the hell out of here!” With that, he pushed the wheelchair and turned away.
  • “Wait a minute!”
  • Looking at Ye Moxuan's indifferent and ruthless back, Shen Qi was so anxious that she got out of the bed while still wrapped in a quilt. Then, she shouted at his back, “You can't do it anyway, so why are you torturing me like this?! Isn't it better for us to live in peace? It also saves you the trouble of remarrying.”
  • Her words caused Ye Moxuan to pause along with his wheelchair.
  • His body stayed still, but his head turned around slightly. He then threw her a stern look from the corners of his eyes as his devilish voice declared, “Who says that I can’t do it?”
  • Ye Moxuan's eyes were as dangerous as a dormant beast in the dark night. It felt as if he would immediately pounce forward to kill her if she said another word.
  • What’s going on? How could this clearly disabled man be emanating such a strong aura?
  • Ye Moxuan had already adjusted the direction of this wheelchair and was slowly approaching her, his eyes as dark as night.
  • Seeing this, Shen Qi, who was wrapped in a quilt, took two steps back subconsciously.
  • Before long, he, who was sitting in a wheelchair, had already arrived in front of her. Following that, he quickly raised one hand and clasped her thin, fair wrist, while snatching away the quilt on her body with the other hand.
  • “Ah!” Shen Qi immediately fell onto his lap.
  • “What did you say just now?” Ye Moxuan said through his cold lips, his sharp eyes fixated on her.
  • “It's rumored that y-you are impotent…” In a panic, Shen Qi tried to cover her body as she said with a flushed face, “Let me go!”
  • His sudden approach caused her to panic as the hot masculine aura on him surrounded her.
  • How vigorous, domineering, and dangerous!
  • This feeling… reminded Shen Qi of the man in the car at that time. The aura on his body was as oppressive as the person currently in front of her.
  • Shen Qi’s face turned pale; she would never forget that shameful night.
  • A month ago, after witnessing her husband’s betrayal, she was loitering on the streets dejectedly when she was suddenly caught and dragged into a car by a man. After that, everything went out of control.
  • She struggled and screamed, but all her resistance was futile under those giant hot palms.
  • She was used and roughed up within an inch of her life like a rag doll.
  • Just like that, her first time was stolen from her on that hopeless night. What was worse, she didn’t even get to see who that man was…
  • “So you’re going all lengths to become my wife, eh?”
  • The man’s voice by her ear made her snap back to reality, thereupon her body stiffened as she found that his manhood was pressing against her excitedly. She had experienced such a traumatizing event just a month ago, so how could she not know what this was about?
  • Suddenly, Shen Qi’s forehead was drenched in sweat. Covering her chest with one hand while pushing against him with the other, she said, “Let me go first.”
  • His current lustful state is too dangerous!
  • “Heh.” Ye Moxuan sneered, “Why are you so nervous? Is this your first time?”
  • Shen Qi glared at him stubbornly and said, “Don’t push me to my limit!”
  • “For the last time, you can stay only if you please me.”
  • All colors drained from Shen Qi’s face as her lips trembled.
  • Looking at his resolute eyes, Shen Qi finally mustered up the courage and tried her best to shake away the feeling of shame as she revealed her entire body in front of the man. She then reached out her trembling hands and began to unbutton his shirt.
  • First button, second button…
  • Suddenly, a wave of nausea swept over her.
  • Blech!” Shen Qi retched uncontrollably.
  • Following that, she felt a sudden pain in her jaw; he was grabbing her chin with one hand with a deathly aura emanating from his body. “Am I really that disgusting?”