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Chapter 121 I Didn’t Know You Care About My Matters So Much

  • Shen Qi was speaking very seriously with a look of utmost sincerity.
  • After finishing speaking, she found that Ye Moxuan was staring back at her with a scorching look that made her return to her senses. After realizing the words she had just said to Ye Moxuan, Shen Qi’s face became hot as she uttered flusteredly, “Okay, you can do your own activities now. I have something else to do today, so I have to go first.” With that, Shen Qi fled from the room.
  • When she went downstairs, she ran into Old Master Ye, and as soon as the old man saw her, he frowned and asked, “Shen Qi, have you told the girl from the Han Family about what I asked?”
  • Oh, no! Shen Qi’s expression immediately changed because she had almost forgotten about this, so she could only say, “Grandpa, I have rarely seen Xueyou recently, but I will definitely ask her on your behalf when I see her.”
  • Old Master Ye nodded with a smile, a glint flashing in his eyes. “The opportunity to cooperate with Fang Group can’t be messed up.”
  • Hearing this, Shen Qi became more nervous and nodded. “Of course, of course.”
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