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Chapter 934 Wanting to See His Great-Grandson

  • She knew. Of course she knew about it. Even though it wasn’t love at first sight, it was still love. Before Yan confessed to Han Qing, she already had a crush on him for such a long time that it became a secret love, but she eventually summoned the courage to come clean. It was probably because no one else had appeared beside Han Qing and she hadn’t met anyone who moved her feelings more than him. Therefore, under the pressures of her youth and time wasting away, she gained the courage to confess her love to him.
  • There wasn’t any wrong for her to chase after her love and happiness. Besides, Yan was also Han Muzi’s best friend, so she trusted Yan’s character. Han Muzi also hoped that Yan’s fiery passion could add a bit of life for her lonely brother. Otherwise, he would just be moody every day. To be honest, from Han Muzi’s recent interaction with Han Qing, she felt that he was quickly becoming a cold-hearted person except when he was pampering his little sister.
  • That was why Han Muzi hoped more than anyone else for Han Qing to find the right partner. It would be unfair for him to waste the rest of his life being dedicated to her. Even if Han Qing didn’t see it as unfair, Han Muzi still felt the guilt.
  • “Oh no, I didn’t realize it before you mentioned it. I think my phone was switched off. By this time, your brother definitely knows that Little Bean and I are gone. I don’t know if he has called my phone.” After that, Yan immediately got up from the chair and dashed to her room. When she entered the room and found her phone, she noticed that it was turned off when she tried to press the button, so she could only restart it. As soon as it was switched on, she saw that there wasn’t enough battery left and that she received lots of calls and texts that she hadn’t answered. Hence, Yan bent over her waist to search for a phone charger before she squatted there to scroll on her phone.
  • She received a lot of calls, which she didn’t answer. Except for a few calls from the company’s staff and clients, all the others were from the cold-faced Han Qing. Then, Yan took a look at his texts. Han Qing’s texts were simple.
  • ‘Is Little Bean with you?’
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