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Chapter 1176 About Dating

  • “Oh my God. Now that you mentioned it, they do look alike. I just thought he looked familiar.”
  • “What the hell? How is the delivery girl related to Ye Group’s President Ye? Is she dating three men at once?”
  • “Does that make sense? Didn’t you see the news about Ye Group that was literally everywhere at the time? Young Master Ye already has a wife. He got in an accident right before their wedding, and her picture even made it to the news. She is so beautiful.”
  • “I remember now. I think we can still find the article if we searched for it.”
  • They took out their phones and started searching. Eventually, they found Han Muzi’s photo from the wedding where she was by herself because Ye Moxuan had gotten into an accident.
  • “This can’t be Young Master Ye’s child, can it? He’s so big already.”
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