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Chapter 733 Attempt to Replace Him

  • As time flew, the weather got colder. Han Qing and Yan returned to that clinic again a few days later. Fortunately, the flat-headed man assured that the man in bandages had woken up and the doctor gave him a thorough check. However, they were unable to remove the bandages as it would take another while.
  • Yan and Han Qing looked at each other before entering the ward. When they entered the ward, the flat-headed man whispered to them, “He was awake, but he is now asleep.”
  • Yan thought about it for a while before she walked toward the man, waving at him. “Young Master Ye?” she called.
  • For some reason, Yan’s voice triggered the sleeping man. His eyes fluttered open abruptly, giving Yan, who was close to him, a shock before making her cry out while taking a few steps back. After that, a pair of big hands supported her back. Yan looked back and realized that they were Han Qing’s hands. She instantly gave him an appreciative look, but before she could react, he withdrew his hands and spoke coldly, “Stand properly.” Yan then hurriedly stood straight.
  • Suddenly, the man in the bandages sat up on the bed like he was agitated. He was dumbfounded to see Yan, but he quickly reacted to it.
  • After Yan stood straight, she laid her eyes on the man and both of their eyes locked on each other. In that moment, she recognized the man’s identity, but she dared not confirm it, so she stared at him while carefully coming up with some questions.
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