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Chapter 840 I Won’t Give Up My Love

  • “You!” Yuchi Jin glared at him. When his eyes met with Ye Moxuan’s pitch black eyes, he was deeply shocked.
  • This was the first time he saw this look in his grandson’s eyes. They were dark, cold and as deep as a trench. Along with those eyes were his words—“What if I don’t?”
  • Yuchi Jin squinted his eyes with dangerous intent. “Are you disobeying my words?”
  • “Grandfather, if what you want is a grandson who is at your mercy, even with his marriage, then I’m afraid I can’t be that grandson.”
  • Yuchi Jin raised his eyebrows as they were filled with murderous spirit. “Is this a threat?”
  • No matter how much Ye Moxuan said, it seemed pointless, so he gently quirked up the corners of his thin lips. “How could I dare to threaten you, grandfather? I’m just trying to tell you that I won’t marry Duanmu Xue because I won’t give up the one I love.”
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