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Chapter 527 I Have No Ill Intentions

  • You are already a mother. Han Muzi’s smile faded when she heard that, and she did not reply to Han Qing.
  • After playing in the amusement park for the entire day, both Yan and Little Bean were so exhausted that they fell asleep while leaning against each other once they got into the car. After all, the two of them were the ones enjoying most of the rides and facilities, whereas Han Qing and Han Muzi observed them from the sidelines.
  • “Shall we have a meal together?” Han Qing glanced to the back passenger seat while fastening his seatbelt.
  • Han Muzi turned toward the back for a glance before shaking her head. “Let’s go home. They are exhausted. I should get them home for a good rest. I’ll prepare a simple meal for dinner later.”
  • Mm-hmm.” Han Qing nodded in agreement since he shared the same thought.
  • She had to buy some ingredients since she wanted to prepare dinner. However, Han Muzi was worried that there was no one at home. Hence, she requested Han Qing to stay at home to look over Little Bean and Yan before going off alone to the nearest supermarket.
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