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Chapter 231 An Evil Woman

  • When he asked, Shen Qi didn't answer; instead, she just shook her head while she was still in his arms.
  • In fact, before he arrived, Shen Qi had already thought it through calmly. Neither she nor Yan did this. If she was really confronted, she had nothing to worry about. If the worst comes to the worst, she would take the blame for everything in the end.
  • But now, seeing Ye Moxuan hurriedly rushing to her and looking into his black irises that were full of anxiety, she couldn't help but break down and let out all her negative emotions.
  • At that moment, she thought, I must not take the blame for everything. I have to explain things clearly.
  • But, if Shi Qinbao is really in a critical condition, we will still be involved in this incident one way or another.
  • On top of that, many people there had already disliked her, so many of them would probably take this opportunity to slander her.
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