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Chapter 888 Future Plans

  • While they were eating, Han Muzi was still feeling guilty over what had happened in the kitchen earlier. When she was carrying out the dishes, she did not even dare to look at Song An for fear that she would see through her. After all the dishes were served, Han Muzi used the excuse of wanting to take off her coat and went back to her room. Then, she went into the bathroom.
  • As soon as she entered the bathroom, Han Muzi immediately stared at her reflection in the mirror and found that there was nothing unusual about her lips except that they were slightly red. There was a reason why she only wanted to allow Ye Moxuan to kiss her for a while; her lips would swell if she was kissed for too long. By then, with just a glance, Song An would know what was going on.
  • Although everyone knew that there were a few things that a man and a woman in a relationship would do, it was still embarrassing for it to be brought up. Fortunately, she did not look as if anything had happened to her. After relaxing her nerves, she then returned to the dining table.
  • When she was about to get a bowl of rice for herself, Ye Moxuan had already filled one and handed it to her. Han Muzi stretched out her hand to take it and saw him staring at her with a faint smile. “Didn’t you go to take off your coat?”
  • Han Muzi did not know what to say at that moment. She lowered her head subconsciously and found that she was still in the same set of clothes. With a dumbfounded expression on her face, her ears started to redden. He was deliberately messing with her. He mentioned it intentionally, despite knowing that she was embarrassed.
  • Han Muzi glared fiercely at him before saying, “I felt cold after taking it off, so I put it on again. Is there a problem?”
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