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Chapter 1365 What Fiancée?

  • “You were actually awake?!” Yan asked in shock, but the answer she got was actually…
  • “I was always awake.”
  • Yan was puzzled. “Then why didn’t you react even after I searched for so long?”
  • Han Qing’s voice sounded dull probably because he just woke up; his voice was still a little low and hoarse as he said, “I couldn’t bear to disturb you while you were busy searching.”
  • After hearing this, Yan felt that his words were full of sarcasm. She was so angry that she immediately got onto him and hit him. “You did it on purpose. You were awake but you didn’t let me know. Were you enjoying yourself looking at me searching the entire room and drawers while being all sneaky? They’re my things but you’re keeping them from me. Plus, not only are you refusing to return them to me, but you’re also making fun of me. Do you find it very fun?”
  • Han Qing’s expression was a little pleased before, but after Yan got angry, the smile in his eyes gradually faded. “It’s not fun. If possible, I wouldn’t want to confiscate your purse and ID. However, if I don’t do so, you’ll leave in the next second. What would I do if you left me?”
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