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Chapter 727 Muzi You’ve Gone Too Far This Time!

  • Of course she was aware that he was the child that she carried inside her for ten months, which was why she did not want him to suffer with her. If it was possible, she would gladly bring Little Bean to her side right away because she was lonely and in need of warmth. But… what will happen after I bring him over? Is he going to see me break down everyday? If that is the case, then it is too selfish for me to do so!
  • Han Muzi closed her eyes and shook her head. “Yan, off the video. Don’t let him call over again.”
  • “Muzi!”
  • “Turn it off!” Han Muzi shouted as she lifted her head to stare at Little Bean on the screen. “Little Bean, you listen to me now. Don’t you ever call me again. Focus on your schoolwork and wait for Mommy to find your daddy. We’ll come back for you then.” She grinded her teeth.
  • Little Bean was still in tears when he looked at her. “I don’t want to. Mommy, can I not do that? I want to go over to you now. I don’t want Daddy anymore; I only want you.”
  • Yan was still holding the phone with the child’s crying surrounding her. Then, Han Muzi stoically reached out to turn off the video before shoving Yan’s phone under her pillow. “Muzi? Muzi, you’ve gone too far this time! He is your own son!”
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