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Chapter 522 Precise Timing

  • Yan stood behind Han Muzi from the very beginning, and after both parties were seated, she had her eyes glued on Lin Qingqing. She was on high alert.
  • Yan stared at Lin Qingqing, as though afraid that she might stand up suddenly, brandish something from her pocket, and splash it at Han Muzi. Ye Moxuan was around the last time, but he isn’t here today. Who would shield Muzi if something similar were to happen again? That is why I have to protect Muzi.
  • Yan’s gaze must have appeared extremely focused because Lin Qingqing shot her a strange look. Then, she complained, “What’s up with your gaze? I told you I wouldn’t attack her. Don’t you trust that I wouldn’t attack her since I’ve sworn a divine oath that I’d suffer a horrible death otherwise?”
  • Han Muzi was rendered speechless by her outburst.
  • Yan snapped at Lin Qingqing, “Pfft! Who would believe you even if you swore an oath? Besides, I don’t trust that you’ve turned over a new leaf after what you did previously. Muzi is most probably the only person magnanimous enough to forgive you.”
  • Yan was blunt with her words, and the color drained from Lin Qingqing’s face. Han Muzi did not stop Yan as well; instead, she observed the situation calmly.
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