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Chapter 441 When Will You Find Me a Dad?

  • The wind seemed to stop for a moment. Han Qing’s eyelashes twitched while Yan focused on the man in front of her. I’ve already expressed my feelings. Why isn’t he reacting? I have already started, should I… be braver?
  • An idea formed in her mind as she felt her heart racing inside and her blood started to boil. It’s time to go all out. Yan took a deep breath. The next second, she tiptoed to kiss Han Qing.
  • Initially, Han Qing wanted to hand over the phone to her, but who would have expected the lady before his eyes to confess her love for him in such a fiery fashion? Her actions left him stunned. He thought about rejecting her advances but was immediately reminded that this lady was his sister’s best friend and pondered whether it would hurt her if he blatantly rejected her.
  • As he was thinking of all this, his sight suddenly blackened, and what followed… was a soft touch on his lips—like cotton candy. It pressed hard against his lips and quickly backed away.
  • Yan’s pale face blushed to the point of flaming red. She couldn’t look at Han Qing’s reaction after the kiss, so she swiftly turned away and disappeared in a flash.
  • Han Qing was still standing motionless while holding onto Yan’s phone. He then drifted away…
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