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Chapter 1538 Won’t You Reconsider It

  • As Jiang Xiaobai thought about that, she still felt rather angry about it. She drew in several deep breaths to calm herself down and didn’t say anything else. Staring at her for a moment, Liang Yahe suddenly said, “Spend a few quiet moments with him.” Then, she went out of the room and helped Jiang Xiaobai to close the door. After that, she dragged Xiao Su away and asked him, “What’s going on?”
  • Xiao Su pursed his thin lips but didn’t respond. Liang Yahe felt that it would probably be difficult for him to speak for a while, so she didn’t pursue the topic. At first, she had intended to go back home, but now that Jiang Xiaobai was here, she didn’t want to leave anymore and so decided to stay.
  • “Xiao Su, go to the supermarket and buy some ingredients for me. I’ll stay and prepare dinner here tonight. Xiaobai has returned, but look at how thin she became! We need to prepare more for her to eat.”
  • Xiao Su didn’t want to leave. He was distraught that if he went out, Jiang Xiaobai would leave and disappear again. So, he pursed his lips and stood rooted to the ground without agreeing or disagreeing with it.
  • “What are you standing here for? If you won’t go and buy the ingredients, what would she eat tonight? After all, she has returned, so she won’t leave again. Why are you so worried?”
  • Xiao Su was extremely paranoid. Jiang Xiaobai’s expression and reaction made him feel that she hadn’t returned because she wanted to come back to him, but only because she wanted to see her son. As for her going to look for him at the company… That was probably because she was drunk and thus lost control of herself. After all, Jiang Xiaobai had never lost control when she was sober, even during that time when she was dealing with Yan’s matter. Her loss of control this time had allowed Xiao Su to see into her heart clearly, but he also became worried at the same time.
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