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Chapter 1419 Does His Strength Fall Short Of His Desire?

  • Han Qing did not reply to her.
  • Hence, Yan cast her eyes up at him and noticed that he had hardened his jaw, looking stern.
  • Is he angry with me now? Or does he feel embarrassed to let people see that I’m hanging on him like a koala? Yan was in regret. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so stubborn in the first place. What would possibly happen when I’m just temporarily left alone? Worse comes to worst, I could have just walked downstairs with him. What’s wrong with me for not wanting to get off him? He must feel so embarrassed for letting people see this!
  • When Yan was still letting her mind wander, the delivery man had put all the food on the table. He said to Han Qing before leaving, “Hope you all enjoy your meal. I’m leaving now.”
  • Thud!
  • Even though the door had been closed, Yan still remained in Han Qing’s arms and he did not move an inch too. After a while, Yan looked up again and asked timidly, “D-Don’t you want to eat?”
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