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Chapter 745 It’s Not an Assumption, It’s the Truth

  • At the hotel, Han Muzi spent an entire hour to wash her hair, shower, and clean herself up thoroughly.
  • Afraid that she might smudge her makeup, she didn’t even put any of it on after her shower.
  • However, she couldn’t even if she wanted to; since she had left in such a hurry, she did not manage to bring any of her cosmetics along with her.
  • Su Jiu told her she had 20 minutes to prepare, but after taking her suitcase out, she only stuffed several articles of clothing inside it and spent the rest of the time waiting by the door—it was as if she had been possessed.
  • Han Muzi stood in front of the bathroom mirror in a daze. By the time she snapped out of it, she reached up and gently patted her face.
  • Immediately after, she paused briefly before changing into pincers for hands and pinched herself in the face.
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