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Chapter 1247 I’m in a Hurry

  • “Have you understood me? Get lost,” Han Qing frostily ordered Lin Qin’er to leave.
  • Meanwhile, there was nothing else Lin Qin’er could do. She’d gone as far as this, yet this outstanding and cold man before her wasn’t at all tempted. Was she supposed to lay herself out on the floor? However, even if she were to prostrate herself on the ground, this man probably wouldn’t even spare her a single glance. At this moment, she finally understood that a woman didn’t necessarily have to lower herself before a man. As long as the man loved her enough, even if she were blind to all other matters, he would still spoil her wholeheartedly. Regretfully… it was too late, and she’d probably never have this chance in her entire life. She left in utter despair.
  • Han Qing closed the door and went back into the room. After debating with Lin Qin’er earlier, he had steam coming out of his ears at this moment. He wanted to go back in and take another cold shower, but Yan hadn’t returned since she’d left earlier, so he was exceedingly worried. Planning to go out to look for her, he simply changed in preparation to leave. Just as he’d reached the entryway, he heard someone pounding on the door, so he stepped forward and swung open the door.
  • Sure enough, the young lady had returned, and she held a plastic bag in her arms, looking rather pale. “I seem to have returned late. How are you feeling? Have you drunk some hot water? Are you still feeling unwell?”
  • Han Qing glanced between her expression and the plastic bag in her arms. “What’s this?”
  • Speaking of that, Yan’s expression instantly grew frustrated. “The hotel front desk didn’t have any fever-reducing patch, and there isn’t a doctor on this little island. I asked a staff member, and fortunately, he personally brought some fever-reducing medication, but I was worried that it wouldn’t be sufficient, so I asked them for a bag of ice cubes. Perhaps they’ll be useful for you.”
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