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Chapter 644 I Won’t Let You Down

  • Upon hearing the sound, Han Muzi looked up at once and turned her head to look at the door.
  • The man entering was wearing a dark suit. It might’ve been because he had just returned from outside, but he looked rather tired and dusty. Where has he been to? As Ye Moxuan entered her sight, this was the first thought that crossed her mind.
  • However, when the corner of her eyes fell on the little face on the screen of the notebook, Little Bean’s face was not much different from Ye Moxuan’s face; her expression changed immediately. Trying to look calm, she used the mouse and hung up the video call.
  • The call was stopped without warning. On the other side of the screen, Little Bean blinked as Han Muzi’s face vanished from the screen all of a sudden.
  • Looking at the empty screen without her face, he sat in his seat and blinked innocently. Suddenly, he turned his head around and looked at Yan, who was sitting on a couch eating an apple with relish and asked, “Aunt Yan, why did the video call end all of a sudden?”
  • Yan swallowed the mouthful of apple and exclaimed before getting up on her feet and walking over to him. From behind Little Bean, she used the notebook and saw the message sent by Han Muzi.
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