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Chapter 1663 Engagement

  • Tang Yuanyuan was still waiting, but Yuchi Yishu did not speak or take any actions, which made her feel that the request she made was too much.
  • As a result, Tang Yuanyuan’s hands which were holding on to Yuchi Yishu’s sleeves slowly slid down, as if she had lost her strength. Her eyelids drooped low, with a few crystal teardrops still hanging on her curly eyelashes.
  • Forget it, I was asking for too much..
  • I should wait till next time.
  • However, when Tang Yuanyuan’s hand dropped to the lowest point, she was suddenly caught by Yuchi Yishu’s opened palms. His huge palms were warm, and they instantly wrapped Tang Yuanyuan’s tiny hands.
  • Tang Yuanyuan was dumbfounded, and she subconsciously raised her head.
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