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Chapter 1659 Let’s Walk Together

  • Most importantly, I want to be together with him! So, I can’t continue lacking self-confidence like before! Mulling over that, Tang Yuanyuan subconsciously tightened her arms around Yuchi Yishu’s neck. Then, she snuggled into his embrace and didn’t say another word.
  • After that, she was subjected to the envious gazes of many other girls for being carried in his arms while heading toward the hotel.
  • Although the hotel was relatively close to the restaurant and could be reached quickly by foot, it was flooding. So, Yuchi Yishu did not dare to take large strides while walking. He was worried that if he walked too fast, he could slip and fall, bringing the young lady in his arms down with him. He was also worried that the water splashing upward would dirty the young lady’s dress. Thus, he walked carefully and slowly.
  • Nestled in his embrace, she lowered her head and saw that his legs were submerged in the water—his shoes and pants were completely soaked by the floodwaters. Then, a myriad of thoughts rose in her mind.
  • She had known Yuchi Yishu for so many years. Although he did not express his feelings outwardly, he loved cleanliness and even had a mild case of mysophobia. Even so, he was walking through the floodwaters. On the other hand, she was being carried in his arms; not even her legs touched the dirty water, let alone the edges of her clothes.
  • This incident, coupled with the incident on the Ferris wheel, made her heart feel full. Thus, she pressed against his chest; her voice came out like the meowing of a cat. “Yishu…”
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