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Chapter 1159 Turning the Truth on Its Head

  • Mr. Zhou was fierce and loud. More importantly, he was fairly large too. When he appeared, he had on a fierce and vicious expression—he looked like he was not to be trifled with. Under normal circumstances, the Zhou couple were amiable and pleasant people. Living in a tight-knit community, even if they were not close to the neighbors, they were still passing acquaintances that would greet each other when they met. Above all, it was common sense not to treat a smiling person badly.
  • Therefore, it was the first time anybody had seen Mr. Zhou looking so fierce. When the neighbors saw him like that, they scattered to the side. After all, they were only here for the gossip; they only wanted to pass their time peacefully—not play with fire.
  • As the neighbors moved aside, nobody stood out to provide physical support to Mrs. Zhang anymore. The first person to help her was a young woman, and when she saw everyone else backing away, she nervously helped Mrs. Zhang stand up, then said, “Mrs. Zhang, you can stand on your own, right?” Afterward, she turned around and followed the crowd as they dispersed.
  • Mrs. Zhang stared speechlessly at them. Do you have to be so snobbish? Didn’t they come forward, one by one, just now? Although everyone else was afraid of Mr. Zhou, she was not. She straightened her back. “You came at just the right time, Zhou. I have to ask; how did you raise your daughter? How can you spoil her so much that she slanders others the moment she opens her mouth? I watched her grow up; I’m practically like a parent to her, aren’t I? I may be getting on in my years with no children of my own, but you still can’t bully an old woman like me! Sob, sob…”
  • Luo Huimei was following behind Mr. Zhou. When she heard Mrs. Zhang’s tirade, she thought, This person is way too shameless! What do you mean by you watched her grow up so you are practically a parent to her? She recalled that the man Mrs. Zhang had introduced as a potential suitor had nearly forced himself on her precious daughter, yet here Mrs. Zhang was—throwing a fit so early in the morning, causing the neighbors to gather around. If this information spreads around, what will happen to our family and my daughter’s reputation?
  • Mulling over it, she couldn’t even muster up a friendly smile at Mrs. Zhang; instead, she threw out insults at her. “Mrs. Zhang, I’ll accept that you introduced a potential suitor to my daughter out of the kindness of your heart. I will also acknowledge the fact that you watched her grow up. However, I cannot accept you saying that you are like a parent to her. What do you mean when you said you are practically like a parent to her? Zhou and I put so much effort into raising her; I didn’t realize we were merely one-half of her parents.”
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