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Chapter 534 Blame

  • “Thought what? You thought that she had an affair with Ye Linhan? You thought that she chose him instead of you?” Song An sharply pointed out.
  • Ye Moxuan didn’t say a word because what she just said was right. He pursed his lips and his face darkened as the aura around him turned ice cold.
  • “Do you know what is the most terrifying thing between the two of you? There isn’t any trust.” Song An added.
  • Trust? Ye Moxuan’s pupils shrank.
  • “It doesn’t matter if you’re a couple or married, this is the most taboo issue. In truth, almost every couple in the world doesn’t have enough trust for each other. A bit of turmoil is enough to split them up. Most of the time, an explanation wouldn’t even work.” As she mentioned this, her eyes were suddenly filled with grief as though she was reminiscing her past.
  • Song An didn’t know if he was taking in her words after noticing him remaining quiet. She spoke in a deep tone, “As your aunt, I will always want the best for you. I only have you as a nephew since I was never married, and I never had a child. This is my life now, so I’m not here to hurt you. Please reconsider this carefully. There are still many wonderful girls out there. Don’t make life difficult for her and yourself. I’m going back to Su City tonight. Remember to visit me when you’re free.” As he heard this, even though he was in a foul mood, Ye Moxuan still nodded in response. “Hmm.”
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