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Chapter 1561 I Only Want Him

  • “Mysophobia?” Wen Jingrou gave a smug smile. “That was only meant for you boys, but I’m a girl—it’s different for Yishu.” She smiled bashfully then giggled, “You guys should come with him to my birthday party that’s in a few days.”
  • Zhong Chufeng despised the way Wen Jingrou looked. She’s just a university student, but she dresses up like a wh*re at some club. What is she even thinking? She must not know her place to think that she can make Yishu her boyfriend! Why doesn’t she take a look at herself? Zhong Chufeng coughed. “About that birthday party of yours, I’m afraid the strong perfume scent will trigger my allergies so I better not go.”
  • Wen Jingrou immediately sensed the sarcasm in his words and her expression changed.
  • “Zhong Chufeng, I know you’re good with words, but I’m not interested in you. What right do you have to speak to me like that? Don’t you know how to be a man?”
  • “Of course I do,” Zhong Chufeng shot back at her. “Don’t you know that I’m known for being nice to people? Everyone at this school knows I’m like a central heating system because I treat everyone the same. So has it not occurred to you why you’re the only person I’m not nice to?”
  • Wen Jingrou smirked. “Oh? Aren’t you just jealous because I’m interested in Yishu? But hey, you should take a look in the mirror. How can I ever fall for that face?”
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