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Chapter 458 Don't Block Me Anymore!

  • Forget it. Too many things has happened today. To Leng Yueyue, this was like a dream.
  • She never thought that she would be invited to the actual event. After seeing what had happened, Leng Yueyue did not feel depressed because of the destruction of her design anymore.
  • After she took a few more photos, this trip would be worthwhile.
  • After all, she had the opportunity to meet Ye Moxuan and the famous celebrities, Zhao Yiru and Lin Xinghuo.
  • When she was still an unknown designer in the past, although her work was brilliant, she could not be compared to the best teams, let alone have such opportunities.
  • After taking the group photo, an observant person suddenly noticed that Lin Xinghuo's skirt was very special.
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