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Chapter 1101 I Can Do It Myself

  • “When did you become this talkative and gossipy?”
  • Lin Xuzheng also realized that he had spoken too much, so he waved his hands slightly. “Alright. I’m just concerned for my good friend. Since you refuse to talk about it, then forget it.”
  • Later on, Lin Xuzheng left by himself while Han Qing stood stationary alone for a while before leaving.
  • When Yan left the police station, she walked along the road all alone. She came here with the police car, so the car she used for deliveries was still at the clubhouse. According to what she told Luo Huimei on the phone, she probably needed to go back to retrieve it. Why don’t I call a cab to the clubhouse and bring the car back home? Then, I can take two sets of my clothes from there and stay in my apartment for two days.
  • In her current state, she would definitely draw suspicions from her parents if she went back, and she would need to explain everything to them. After she thought about it, she still chose not to let them worry about her.
  • As she walked, she could still feel the pain in her leg. She only realized it when she ran out of the police station. I must have hit the corner of the table when they forcefully dragged me inside.
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