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Chapter 1202 You Don’t Know How Blessed You Are

  • He was just reminding her out of kindness to be careful of her safety after seeing how she had helped him out. It would be better if she didn’t do this to any stranger on the street. However, he didn’t specify the reason behind it. After Jiang Xiaobai heard that, she felt quite annoyed. The smile on her face disappeared as she glared at Xiao Su. “Mr. Xiao, are you saying that I’m a busybody?”
  • Xiao Su was stunned upon hearing that.
  • “Because I took the trouble to bring you home, you had to owe me a favor. Are you upset about this?” Jiang Xiaobai added as she looked at Xiao Su furiously. Men are all up to no good, indeed! Especially those who just fell out of love! If she had known that this would be his response, she would not have brought him back.
  • Xiao Su paused for a moment before replying, “That is not what I meant.”
  • Jiang Xiaobai was still annoyed. “What do you mean, then? Aren’t you telling me to stay out of such matters in the future?”
  • “That’s right,” Xiao Su nodded and looked exasperated as he replied to her. “I told you that because I wanted to let you know that, apart from what happened today, you’d better not involve yourself in such matters in the future.”
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