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Chapter 168 Is It Really That Good to Marry Into a Wealthy and Prestigious Family?

  • “Don’t panic and stay here. I’ll look for Qiangwei and update her about this.”
  • Gao Yun got to her feet and walked out of the office. As Cui Minli was left alone, she kept fidgeting as she was nervous-stricken.
  • On the other side, when Shen Qi went into Xu Liao’s room, she was greeted by the sight of him sitting at his desk with a smile as he said gently with his eyes fixed on her, “Shen, you’re here.”
  • Shen Qi put on a frown when she heard him. “Supervisor, how can I help you?”
  • Xu Liao kept staring at her with gentleness in his eyes. He thought the way he was looking at her was full of affection but in Shen Qi’s view, she felt as though her body was being dismembered in a terrifying way. Under his lewd gaze, a shiver ran down her spine and she could not help but urge, “Supervisor, if you have got no instructions for me, I’ve got to go!”
  • As soon as she turned around, Xu Liao rose from his seat anxiously. “Hold on. I just wanted to know whether the breakfast I prepared for you is to your liking?”
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