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Chapter 1463 I Didn’t Mean to Hurt You

  • He grabbed Jiang Xiaobai when she tried to kick him. When she tried to push him away with her hand, he then seized her wrists, securing them above her head.
  • Although there was a huge gap in strength, Jiang Xiaobai still didn’t want to give up. Despite being a girl, her character had always been strong. Even if she was to get married, she wanted to be the master of the family. Frankly speaking, she wanted to be on top.
  • What’s the meaning of this? He’s carrying me to the room without any romantic gestures. Especially when I had just mentioned that woman! Doesn’t he know how to respect me?
  • As Jiang Xiaobai was struggling hard to break free, Xiao Su had already crashed his lips on her. Noticing his action, Jiang Xiaobai immediately moved her head to the side, so his thin lips only managed to touch her face. After pausing for a while, he continued to chase after her lips, but Jiang Xiaobai kept turning her head away from him. Tired of her rejection, Xiao Su could only free one of his hands to hold her chin in place. Then, he leaned in to kiss her again.
  • Slap! Jiang Xiaobai immediately used her free hand to slap Xiao Su’s face.
  • In the quiet room, the sound of the slap was very loud. Xiao Su’s head was snapped to the side while Jiang Xiaobai's pretty face was filled with anger. “I’ve told you before. Let me go now before I get mad!”
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