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Chapter 1423 The Eve of the Wedding

  • At Seabay Villa...
  • “It will be Aunt Yan’s and your uncle’s wedding in two days. Did you get everything ready? Have you taken a leave from your school teacher?”
  • “Mommy, I have taken care of it. You don't have to worry when I’m handling things. I’m Little Bean after all.”
  • “Alright then. You used to wish that Yan would become your Aunt. Now that your wish has come true, are you happy?”
  • Little Bean snorted. “Ever since Aunt Yan was together with uncle, she didn’t pay attention to me anymore.”
  • Little Bean’s tone clearly implied that he was not that happy. Han Muzi stretched out her hand and patted his head, looking amused. “Aunt Yan is busy preparing for her wedding. When she is pregnant and gives birth to a baby, she will have absolutely no time for you. Hence, you shouldn’t feel frustrated now, because you will have plenty of chances to feel frustrated in the future.”
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